Aalto ME310 SUGAR Design EXPE 28.5.2014 / 17:00

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    After 8 months of hard work, you will get to know the finalized concepts and test the prototypes developed by the ME310 SUGAR students "in exclusivity", before they introduce it in June at Stanford University!

    They have been discovering users' needs - from firefighters to ultra-high rich young people, prototyping overall 67 concepts, traveling from Germany to Australia via China to test their prototypes and are now eager to show you the results! Don't miss the awesomeness!

    17:00-18:30: Final Presentations
    18:30-19:30: Booth Exhibition & Networking

    To know more about ME310: http://me310.aalto.fi

Paikka Aalto Design Factory, The Stage
Betonimiehenkuja 5 C
02150 Espoo

Kartta ja yhteydet HSL Reittiopas

Päivä ja aika Ke 28.5. / 17:00-19:30

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