Sketch - Hallway as an old street in Santorini (Image: Vanja Valencak)

Lost on board – Enhancing the cruise ship user experience through wayfinding improvements Vanja Valencak

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  • Cruise ship vacations have become one of the most popular forms of leisure travel. However, despite the experiences offered and the popularity engendered by cruise vacations, passengers still encounter significant problems while on board: they are readily prone to losing their way. This thesis aims to enhance user experiences on cruise ships by identifying the reasons for wayfinding difficulties and the consequences of passenger disorientation, and offer design-based solutions.

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    • Anonymous:

      This is a fantastic idea! Solving a problem of passenger disorientation would be a major achievement. Hope that the project will be developed further. good luck!

      06 May 2014 12:08

Vanja Valencak Serbia, 1985

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School of Arts, Design and Architecture Industrial and Strategic Design

“Best way to learn is… By doing.”

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