The first UFO Controller prototype (Image: Tommi Koskinen)

The UFO controller Tommi Koskinen

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  • Electronic music performance is often observed to be boring and unexpressive. My aim was to create a device for live electronic music performance that would enable the artist to truly perform the music. The UFO controller (Ultrasonic Frequency Oscillator) is a music performance MIDI controller that allows you to control music software and external synthesizers with simple hand gestures in the air. The UFO Controller gives very clear visual feedback to both the audience and the artist and opens up new styles of electronic music performance.

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Tommi Koskinen Finland, 1981

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School of Arts, Design and Architecture Sound in New Media

“Biggest achievement or mistake during studies… The biggest achievement was to actually drop a lot of other things in my life and take the challenge of going back to studying again. For me it really paid off.”

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