Autonomous Virtual Instruments (Image: Simon Overstall)

Autonomous Virtual Instruments Simon Lysander Overstall

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  • Autonomous Virtual Instruments is a real-time generative music and animation artwork that explores what is essential to music and how people make it. In a virtual world with simulated physics, simple gong-like instruments play themselves. They listen to their neighbors and respond with adjustments to their own timing and timbres. What kind of behavior results in sounds that are complex, yet structured?

    • Pipsa:

      Congrats Simon!

      08 May 2014 09:05

    • Maria:

      Awesome! Can't wait to see and hear it!

      09 May 2014 02:13

Simon Lysander Overstall Canada/Ireland, 1969

School of Arts, Design and Architecture Sound in New Media

“I applied to Aalto because… I was interested in studying in Europe. Finland seemed like an interesting country with good hockey players. The program at Media Lab matched my interests.”

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