Traces of trips recorded by the Electronic Travel Diary and overlaid on a map. Background map: copyright OpenStreetMap contributors. (Image: Hannes Keskikiikonen)

Opportunities for crowdsourcing travel surveys Hannes Keskikiikonen

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  • Travel surveys are used to support transport planning, as well as city planning. Traditional methods, consisting of paper and telephone interviews, can be laborious and time-consuming. Despite the effort, they provide the surveyor with quite a coarse level of detail in the data.

    The Electronic Travel Diary is a new method for conducting urban travel surveys. It utilizes modern smart phones to semi-automatically collect information about inhabitants' mobility patterns.

    • Paula:

      Onnittelut Hannes!

      09 May 2014 15:27

Hannes Keskikiikonen Finland, 1988

School of Engineering Geomatics

“Best way to learn is... By practice.”

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