Biomimimetic as a design tool (Image: Arto Ollila)

Biomimic Design Arto Ollila

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  • Biomimic Design is a study of organisms, processes, forms and systems found in nature. The aim is to understand the relations and reasons behind development and find ways to apply the research to real world architecture. Based on the studies we designed a concept for the new Aalto Art Centre. The building can adapt to its surroundings and functional needs. We used computer-aided design to study key concepts in-depth and additive manufacturing to make physical objects from the research work.

    Team: Arto Ollila (ARTS/Architecture), Outi Tahvonen (ARTS/Landscape Architecture), Akinori Hattori (ARTS/Architecture), Gee Yong Park (ARTS/Furniture Design)

Arto Ollila Finland, 1985

School of Arts, Design and Architecture Building Design

“My tip for a new student… Is to be humble but question everything.”

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