Structure of the measurement setup. (Image: Anna Vaskuri)

Multi-wavelength setup based on lasers for characterizing optical detectors and materials Anna Vaskuri

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  • In this work I developed setup for characterizing optical detectors and materials in the Metrology Research Institute (MRI). The setup directs a stable, collimated and narrow laser beam to a sample holder unit mounted on a high-resolution XY translation stage. These factors, together with automated alignment and measurement functionalities, improve the accuracy and repeatability of annual detector calibrations carried out at MRI. In the field of material science, the combination of a UV spectrograph with this setup provides a novel method for studying the UV radiation-induced degradation of materials.

Anna Vaskuri Finland, 1989

School of Electrical Engineering Electronics and Electrical Engineering

“I will never forget... The day I was accepted to Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering. I didn’t have a plan B.”

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