Silk/wool mix flare coat and shangtung silk pants (Image: Sanna Lehto)

Perception as an integral part of the design process Anna Alanko

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  • My thesis is a personal exploration into the subjectivity of perception. I wanted to question my traditions and limitations as a designer by forcing myself out of my comfort zone of dreamy patterns and organic silhouettes into an unfamiliar world of figurative patterns and bold three-dimensional shapes. The resulting clothing collection is a mixture of familiar and unknown; classic and contemporary; simple and exuberant; sweet and surreal.

Anna Alanko Finland, 1987

School of Arts, Design and Architecture Fashion and Clothing Design

“When doing a graduation work the most important thing to keep in mind is... That in the end you are the one who has to believe in the work and stand behind it wholeheartedly, not your supervisors, teachers or anyone else. Receiving feed back from professionals is of course essential and immensely helpful, but often you might get contradicting advice and critique from various people, so you have to carefully filter these comments to suit the goals and aspirations of your thesis the best.”

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