Product Design Gala 2014 16.5.2014 / 09:00

  • A gala for Aalto University's multidisciplinary Product Development Project (PDP) course will be held at the Design Factory and the Urban Mill in Otaniemi.

    At the event, students will present their astounding study projects and prototypes to the public. The projects are the result of collaboration between students and companies in multidisciplinary and international teams. The presentation includes: a module for temporary living in an urban environment, smart clothing technology, with which a tourist can navigate in a strange city, and how to get rid of bedbugs in an environmentally friendly and reliable manner.

    Further information: Professor Kalevi Ekman, Design Factory captain,, p. +358 50 555 3566.

Location Aalto Design Factory
Betonimiehenkuja 5 C
02150 Espoo

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Date and time Fri 16.5. / 09:00-17:00

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Artek Bionade Design Forum Finland Elisa Svenska Teatern

Environmental awareness plays a significant role in the production of Masters of Aalto.
The event utilises the EcoCompass system of the Helsinki Environment Centre.