a hands-on process to form the interaction (Image: Yi-Ta Hsieh)

Prototyping New Interaction Style – a case study on designing deformable mobile devices Yi-Ta Hsieh

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  • My thesis investigates deformable user interfaces on mobile devices. By physically changing the shape of an object users can interact with digital contents. Exploratory design methods have been developed to encounter new styles of interaction. As the physical representation of the hypotheses, prototyping has been involved at different stages of the research process as well. With the final working prototype real interaction can happen and be studied.

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  • This is something extra from my thesis work.

    14 May 2013


    There are two reasons why I still put that much effort on this new installation for MOA even after my graduation. First, much more was actually learned from the last design activity, user study. However, due to the limited resource, I had to finalize the thesis at some point. The installation is an extension of the thesis work, in which I put some of my thoughts gained from the user test into a physical form.
    Second, Nokia took all my prototypes, and presenting only a book is boring. So I built it.

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