Know Your Fish! (Image: Paula Barclay)

Fish Aware – Textile Print Design as an Environmental Intervention Paula Barclay

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  • My thesis addresses the largest issue in sustainability today, overfishing. In cooperation with Makia Clothing and WWF Finland, a collection of print designs raises awareness of three important issues behind overfishing. This campaign of designs and information forms part of Makia’s Spring Collection 2013. It aims to be more than just a printed statement, also hoping to provide alternative sustainable choices, inform and encourage change.

    • Paula Barclay:

      See the final products and the campaign in full at Makia's website

      13 May 2013 20:22

  • Raising awareness with Makia

    14 May 2013

    As part of the overfishing campaign Makia teamed up with Jasper Pääkkönen, Project FishRun and Antti Zetterberg to talk about their thoughts and concerns on overfishing, check out their videos here!

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Environmental awareness plays a significant role in the production of Masters of Aalto.
The event utilises the EcoCompass system of the Helsinki Environment Centre.