Testing the user interface prototype (Image: Lauri Löppönen)

Birth and Necessity of the Critical Object – Reflection on the concept with the notions of sexual fetishism and ready-made in art Lauri Löppönen

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  • What makes people want products they don't need? What is the responsibility of the designer in this process? Can the designer change how things are or will the battle be lost? I researched my line of expertise from a critical point of view and learned to hate design. My thesis tells why. To answer the aforementioned questions I dive deep into the world of sexual fetishism. I implement my findings with the concept of ready-made from the field of art. In other words I place the objects and phenomena I've chosen into a new environment to change the way they are interpreted.

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    • Lauri Löppönen:

      You can download my thesis also trough this link if the sites own doesn't start working. Unfotunately it's only in Finnish:


      07 May 2013 13:37

    • Anonymous:

      Toi pdf on ankea, kun siinä on yhdellä sivulla aina kokonainen kirjan aukeama. Ei pysty järkevästi selaamaan tabletilla.

      13 May 2013 14:31

  • It was bound to happen…

    03 May 2013



    One of the examples I used in my thesis to point out where design has gone spectacularly too far. American version of the evolution theory.

    Check out all the other cool products from the Crickett comapny:


    Ok..the link is not working .They must be doing some heavy cleaning on their site. There used to be pics of children posing with the rifles.

  • Let’s make dreams real: The Hole

    07 May 2013


    And here it is!

    The last key piece for my installation at the MoA exhibition.
    An affordable, disposable yet elegantly discreet solution to mimic the real thing. Design solution especially for the male audience who feel the need to supress unexpected cravings either carnal or materialistic.

    You can check it out and download the instructions to make one yourself!

    Here is the link:


    I encourage you all to try it out next time you fancy something new!

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