Seo, Finland - from the series Places to Stop (Image: Lasse Lecklin)

Places to Stop Lasse Lecklin

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  • Places to Stop is a photo series of gasoline stations shot in different states around Europe and North America. It deals with globalisation and its effects, monoculture and the identity of a place. Gas stations run by global companies seem to be very uniform, an example of functionalism. The series invites us to study these universes of their own, glowing in the darkness – monuments of a modern era that may soon be history.

    • Anonymous:

      Fantastisia, futuristisia sieniä yössä. Arvostin.

      08 May 2013 22:38

    • Anonymous:


      10 May 2013 18:26

  • Eko, Greece, from the series Places to Stop

    06 May 2013


    Eko, Greece, from the series Places to Stop

  • Places to Stop – installation is ready to be revealed

    07 May 2013


    Here the photos are still covered, come see at the opening tonight how it looks like!

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