Success factors of an apparel chain (Image: Kati Isomaa)

Networks as a basis for success of an international chain – A case study of Nordic apparel chains in Finland Kati Isomaa

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  • In the Nordic countries there are successful apparel chains that have expanded internationally. How have they have managed to run their retail business successfully? In my thesis I study the factors behind their success. My thesis is based on the network view and ongoing interaction in a network. There were four international Nordic chains involved in my qualitative case study. I conducted 13 interviews: three in each chain and one expert interview.

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    • Kati Isomaa:

      Mikä ihana aurinkoinen päivä! Näyttelyosastoni on valmiina, enää näyttelyn kävijät puuttuvat. Vihdoin on MOA-näyttelyn avajaisten aika!

      07 May 2013 16:41

    • Kati Isomaa:

      Kiinnostuitko tutkimuksestani? Lue lisää graduni kokotekstiversiosta!

      23 May 2013 21:14

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