Drawings of the workshops I held led to textiles full of stories (Image: Karoliina Halsti-Ndiaye)

Suñu Bat – We Have a Message Karoliina Halsti-Ndiaye

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  • I am fascinated by the power of printed textiles as a communication channel. In my thesis I reflected on the position of printed textiles in the Senegalese community. My aim was to take the design process of printing down to a grass-roots level, letting prints be born within the community. I held two workshops for girls and young women in Guediawaye suburb of Dakar, Senegal. Girls were drawing and designing pictures and surface designs related to their lives. These designs became printed textiles expressing their voices.

  • Two patterns

    06 May 2013


    Patterns JANG and JANK

    Girl groups in Guediawaye suburb of Dakar did the drawing and chose the colors.
    In their drawings the two most important themes were right to learn and right to work according to age and ability. The girls are mostly working as household help. Most of them are illiterate and never been to school. They were given pens and paper to explore creating messages that finally become printed textiles.

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