Core idea in value-based selling is to customize, measure and communicate the total benefits of the deal to the customer (Image: n/a)

Intra-firm generalizability of value-based selling activities – A case study based on B2B sales professionals’ perceptions Karla Nieminen

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  • In value-based selling the value of the product is determined as the difference between total benefits and sacrifices. The seller can customise and demonstrate the real business impact of the offering, which can then serve as the basis for pricing. It is useful for a company to know which activities of the value-based selling process are generalisable in their organisation. My thesis includes managerial recommendations from interviewing business-to-business sales professionals.

  • Value-based selling gives more to the seller and the customer (article and posters)

    15 May 2013

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    In value-based selling the seller knows the business of their customer extremely well. The sales proposition shows to the customer in monetary terms how much value they will gain from the deal.

    The realized value is verified after the offering has been delivered, and the pricing can be tied to these realized benefits. This reduces customer’s risks in purchasing and enables fair pay for the seller by clearly showcasing the advantages to the customer.

    My article on value-based selling, written for the MoA-book:

    Posters of the components of value, the selling process and implementation tips:

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