Balkan beat park is one of the venues in the game. (Image: Henna Luoma)

Kids Play – Designing a touch screen game with children Juha Salonen

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  • Kids Play is a project where a music game for iPad was designed together with children. Altogether 52 girls and boys from a kindergarten participated in design workshops. In the workshops age-appropriate co-creation and research methods were used for creating new ideas for the game. The workshop results formed the basis for designing and developing the early stage game prototype into a finalized product. The game will be available on the Apple App Store this summer.

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  • Getting ready

    29 Apr 2013


    It’s time to set up the exhibition space. You will be able to play the game prototype, watch a video about the design workshops and see some drawings and paper prototypes made by the children.

    You will find Kids Play from the bottom floor, quite next to the stairway. Welcome!

  • Co-creation workshops with children

    08 May 2013

    Here’s a short video which describes what we did with the children in the design workshops. The main goal for the workshops was to get feedback and new feature ideas based on the game prototype – does the game appeal the designed target audience and how could we make the game experience better?

    The workshops were held during one week. On Monday we spent the day with the children just playing and getting to know them. I believe this really helped the kids to be more relaxed in the workshops.

    From Tuesday until Thursday we had the design workshops. One workshop session lasted about 45 minutes and during that time we played the game prototype, did interviews and designed new features to the game by paper prototyping. In the end we benchmarked a competing game and did some comparative interviewing between our prototype and the benchmarked game.

    We had the last session on Friday. Then we asked the children to draw us ideas for a new game character and we also tested some game music.

    The most valuable thing we got from the workshops was to get insight and inspiration from the children. Looking at them play and talk to each other provided very important information which helped me and the whole game team to design more great features into the game.

    If you want to know when the game is ready go to and join our e-mail list.

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