The elements of the theoretical model embedded into the visual tool (Image: Jenni Seppä)

Way to grow! Collaborative branding model for small design enterprises Jenni Seppä

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  • The model of the collaborated house brand is a new way for small brands to work together as one entity. The model aims at facilitating distribution channels. Alongside the theoretical model, the findings of the study are converted into a visualised tool. With this tool, the different small brands can together create illustrations, sketches and models that can be incorporated into the common brand building process.

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    • Jenni Seppä:

      I was awarded a MoA prize by the city of Helsinki, the MoA's main collaborator.

      By awarding my thesis, the city of Helsinki has pointed out the potential of small design companies, the need for new collaborative business models, and the value of interdisciplinary approach, which is in the heart of Aalto University. I am grateful for the award because it provides more awareness for the issues mentioned above, and my model could be better exploited by the small design companies.

      Thank you the city of Helsinki, it is an honor for me!

      The press release of the MoA awards can be found here:

      20 May 2013 12:44

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