Quarter past eight (Image: Anni Hanén)

Just small hiccups Anni Hanén

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  • My grandfather built a house in the forest. My mother was born and raised there. When my mother played in the forest, paths started to emerge. I walked those paths during my own childhood play and now I walk along them with my own child. In my pictures, there are light and shadows, innocence and life experience. For me this series tells about emotions, remembrances and memory itself.

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  • Home

    07 May 2013


    Smoke rises from the chimney,
    Beckoning to warmth and safety.

    From cellar to attic,
    House full of hideouts

    The core of the house changes,
    The warmth of the bedroom,
    Transformed into my chilly office.

    Built by my grandfather
    Abandoning the war for memories.

    Items and furniture
    Made by measure

    Cabinets, chests, boxes
    Locks are always open,
    Explored only by permission.

    I forget reality,
    Stories live in me.

    House with a garden,
    Woods stand sentinel.

    Where my mother walked,
    Paths formed.

    Where I walked,
    Paths got stronger.

    There my child plays,
    Paths remain.

    If my house is my shelter,
    The woods are my castle,
    I built a nest in the castle.

    Imagination as a friend,
    Infinite woods.

    Constellations guiding,
    Searching for wisdoms of life.

    An unuttered permission,
    To hide secrets,
    Confirmation for the same happiness.

  • Behind the series

    07 May 2013


    Just small Hiccups -photography series is best described as photography theatre. The change of time and continuous of life is present, because pictures are created at home, at my childhood house, where different generations are present.

    My pictures are made with my child Eeli. When we take pictures we improvise the pictures together. The series started when my son wanted to be my model, and it changed and crystalized from that to our own visual conversation. I thank my son Eeli for the pictures, and the series would not been the same without our close relationship. The pictures of Just small hiccups are also my self portraits, as through my child´s life as also through nature.

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