This picture was taken during a participatory clothing design workshop with half-way garments. (Image: Anja-Lisa Hirscher)

Joyful participation in new ways of designing and making clothes – Strategies to enable valued and meaningful person-product attachment to change consumer behaviour Anja-Lisa Hirscher

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  • My thesis explores the possibilities for designers to help people design, allowing a new sensitivity and respect towards clothes and their production. The study argues that designers can facilitate a joyful participation in clothing production and thereby enable a more valued person to product attachment. A comprehensive perspective is presented on the role that design can play in fostering sustainable consumer behaviour.

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  • Make{able} – Half-way products to ease user-involvement.

    23 May 2013

    This master’s thesis, was focusing on reducing fashion and clothing consumption, by creating a more meaningful person-product attachment. Emotional bonding and attachment can best be created in the use- or making phase of a product (Mugge et al. 2009). Therefore one approach to reduce clothing consumption, is by motivating consumers to become active participants in the design and making process.
    With the approach: “Half-way products”, I tried to ease the first critical entry step. A half-way product is design objects, that is intentionally ‘unfinished’ and thus leaves the end user an open space to customize and finalize the piece (Fuad-Luke, 2009).Therefore the final user is invited to participate and create items according to their own needs and preferences, but saves time and energy as its half-way prepared. This allows also sewing beginners to achieve a good outcome in a rather short amount of time.
    As sewing and designing needs time and practice, Make{able} workshops are held monthly in collaboration with fashion designers. Latest workshop was held at the MoA space on the 8th of May. We had 18 great participants, who created very nice tunics and other garments. If you are interested in participating the next workshop (with a new topic) please take a look at the project-blog and event page:

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