Still from the "Inside Yard" (Image: Alisa Javits)

Inside Yard Alisa Javits

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  • My thesis work ponders the dilemma of combining film and photography. Film is usually considered to have more narrative power than a photography series, whereas the latter is more open to the viewer's own interpretation. Is it possible to create a body of work that lies between photographic series and narrative film, exploiting the strengths of both?

  • Behind the image

    30 Apr 2013

    Spring copy

    “Inside Yard” is a metaphor for an unknown person. It is seen as from inside. I used to look at passing-by people’s public faces and imagine the “true” being hiding behind. Many look externally seemingly well and healthy but in reality might be suffering from loneliness and soreness. People are like inside yards. Usually they are closed and seen as private spaces, which might be interesting to enter for an outsider but at the same time there is a sense of uncertainty and reserve. The inside yards might be colorful and joyful or grey and sad. And the last one might be hard to leave if alone.

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