No 2

25 Apr 2013


As the idea of my travel was to try to fight against the increasing length of the day, so fought my camera against my intention to document this trial. Back home I realised that in each of my negatives there was only few exposed images instead of twelve (standard for 6×6 format cameras). As if my camera had wanted to tell me that if you want to run fast you can’t look to your sides.

After a little disappointment for the lost photographs, I decided to use those unexposed areas in my negatives to create new photographs. So I came up with a series of nine images, 12h 24min 7s (In-betweens). In each picture there’s a trace of nearly all of the film material left in between the exposed shots.

Masters of Aalto made possible by:

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Environmental awareness plays a significant role in the production of Masters of Aalto.
The event utilises the EcoCompass system of the Helsinki Environment Centre.