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30 May 2012

An exhibition visitor marking a thesis on their MiniCatalog card

The MiniCatalog concept was created at the Media Lab of Aalto University’s School of Arts, Design and Architecture to increase the visibility, enhance the visitor experience and complement the interactions of the Masters of Aalto Year Show 2012.

Exhibition visitors mark their favourite exhibition pieces on a paper card, which is later scanned at the printing station. The visitor receives a printout – the MoA’12 MiniCatalog – containing a summary of the bookmarked works and a custom web URL that preselects these favourites when visiting the MoA web site, giving direct access to more information, thesis downloads and a commenting feature as a back channel.

Scanning the marking card at the printing station

The MiniCatalog has been a great success at the exhibition, with hundreds of cards scanned over the first three weeks of MoA’12. It has proven to provide:

+ local and international awareness of the exhibit
+ rich access to exhibited works
+ encourage visitor recommendations and return visits
+ create a memorable interactive experience
+ contextualize the exhibit as a starting point for future interactions

Printing the MiniCatalog

Did you get a MiniCatalog yet? There are still a few more days to visit MoA and create a personal online collection to access after the show closes.

Created by students from Media Lab at Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture. Concept, idea and production: Vuokko Aro, Satoko Hinomizu, Sara Jacobsen, Georgia Panagiotidou (Tutoring: Sebastian Greger).


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