Finland, 1972

At the Border of Another World

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Arcadia and Utopia

Aalto School of Art, Design and Architecture
Department of Media
Visual Journalism

During the past few years, I have been examining and photographing the changes that have taken place in the mire ecosystems of a small village in Western Finland. “At the Border of Another World” is a photo-project, which depicts human-made changes to mire ecosystems from an ecocritical point of view. Ecocriticism looks into the various interacting roles of nature and culture.

Some 60% of Finland’s pristine mire landscapes have been sacrificed on the altar of agriculture, forestry and energy generation. Times of social upheaval led to the clearing and draining of mires for farming use, but more recently mires were also drained, occasionally with questionable grounds, for forestry and for peat mining.

asumaniemi (at) kolumbus (dot) fi

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