Finland, 1980

Towards a three-dimensional knot ornamentation

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Aalto School of Art, Design and Architecture
Department of Art
Art Education

The focus of my thesis is to develop a three-dimensional design method, which corresponds to the construction of my two-dimensional knot ornaments. I wanted to construct a closed knot ornament having a genuine three-dimensional rotational symmetry and based on congruent, intersecting spheres.

The thesis progresses through various construction experiments as I search for solutions to problems with mathematical as well as aesthetic characteristics. Finally, a two- and three-dimensional design concept begins to take shape, showing modularity, timelessness and unity resulting from its consistent geometric construction.

taneli (dot) luotoniemi (at) aalto (dot) fi
+358503781712 (Suomi) '+447516245675 (Iso-Britannia)

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  • 14 Oct 2012, 7:29 pm


    Amazing and inspiring work. I enormously enjoyed the presentation at LKL this week and was very impressed by the dedication and application required to produce these designs