Finland, 1986

the Rainbow End of the World

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New spaces

Aalto School of Art, Design and Architecture
Department of Motion Picture, TV and Production Design

“The Rainbow End of the World” is Salli Kari's and Aino Koski's thesis work. The premiere of the performance took place in Taik, Lume movie studio in November 2011. It was a performance without a performer, where the visions of two set designers were interpreted as a series of installations.

The goal of the process is to face the unknown. We want to offer the same opportunity to the audience.

To the MoA exhibition, I bring a character that the audience confronted at the end of our performance. To me personally, it is an embodiment of the unknown, which awakens childhood memories of extreme sizes and spaces.

Set design: Salli Kari and Aino Koski
Light design: Mika Haaranen
Sound design: Joel Hypén and Ville Leppilahti
Video design: Joel Hypén
Choreography: Jyrki Karttunen
Premiere 24.11.2011

salli (dot) kari (at) aalto (dot) fi

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