Finland, 1961

One approach toward good life, second edition

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Sharing beauty, memories, dreams, images

Aalto School of Art, Design and Architecture
Department of Art
Environmental Art

In my thesis "One Approach toward Good Life", I evaluate the consept of good life through selected art projects. I examine how the esteemed abstract consepts such as love, harmony, sincerity, courage, freedom, goodness, sensation and experience get realized in artworks. The question "What is a good life?" can be found in a number of considerations. In my study, art is the core of it.

MoA12 presents my installation “Palimama `s Hashioki”. I use recycled Finnish design glass in a surprising way. The art work utilizes the future technology of Organic LED. My work connects with the subject through their districts: the ecological, aesthetic and ethical considerations have expanded the layout issues.

In collaboration: Mitsubishi Kagaku Media/ Verbatim Group/ Oversol Oy/ Iittala/ BS Bestones Oy

pm (at) palimama (dot) net

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