Finland, 1979

Yamarin 4110 concept

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Daily life

Aalto School of Art, Design and Architecture
Department of Design
Industrial and Strategic Design

The project aims to design and recreate Yamarin boat range's smallest boat, model 4110. It has to fulfill state-of-the-art requirements. The boat has to be lighter, less expensive to manufacture, commercially competitive and logistically advantageous to transport and assemble. Other goals are good ergonomics, usability and boat handling. The boat's design is based on the early 2000s design of Yamarin 4110 hull. The hull length is 410 cm and the width is 168 cm. The top of the hull is designed so that up to 12 boats can fit into one 40 ft container. Areas of research were logistics, center of gravity, boat handling, ergonomics and usability. The final design represents the automotive and marine industry's nowadays common "cutting and sharp" design language.

Project partner is Konekesko Ltd. Marine

nikolai (dot) ruola (at) ruola (dot) com

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