Niels Ole

Denmark , 1978

SNAPS - The last row of Dunes

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New spaces

Aalto School of Art, Design and Architecture
Department of Design
Applied Art and Design

Like a tree, which is embedded in its local environment, so should craft be integrated into local society.

Snaps is a bottle designed for a distinctive blend. Snaps can be filled with any wild ingredients of the area of Vestjylland. Snaps contains a map of the area and local recipes. Today snaps is made with diversity and conviviality of a personal touch of this biotope’s local flavors. Snaps carries the local beauty of the Danish countryside. Snaps is crafted with loving care and inspired by the local inhabitants. Snaps is a halfway product that involves the user in the process of snaps-making. Snaps works as a bottle for infusion as well as a tabletop decanter.

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