Finland, 1987

Differing everydays - practices of planning and coordinating daily life

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Aalto School of Economics
Strategic marketing

This research set to understand, what the planning and coordination of our daily life is like. As daily life and its planning has remained virtually uninvestigated, I wanted to explore the role of routines in our mundane daily life, the function of planning and how we execute it.

The research was conducted through videographic methods, especially by doing natural observations. The research concentrated on the lives of three young adults living in the Helsinki city center, living somewhat hectic lives. The research produced three core findings:

1. Routines form an immense part of our daily life

2. We are constantly mixing our work with non-work and vice versa

3. Very little planning occurs in our daily life. On the contrary, much of our decisions are made at the last minute through emergent coordination

karolus (dot) viitala (at) dagmar (dot) fi

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