Finland, 1985

Urban hut

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New spaces

Aalto School of Art, Design and Architecture
Department of Design
Spatial Design

You know the feeling of getting out of the town? Somewhere quiet, somewhere calm. Summer cottages are far away and they cost a lot. Could there be an urban, sustainable and democratic alternative for a Finnish summer house?

The study examines the present challenges of the Finnish leisure living. The research part of the study explores different challenges of the field, which are the lifestyle changes of the young Finnish urban generation and the present demands of the overall sustainability. The production part forms an answer to the conditions presented in the research part of the study. This part of the thesis is a concept of ideas for an urban hut community and a building proposal for one of the cottages.

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  • 10 May 2012, 3:48 pm

    Jussi Laine


    In the main swedish paper in finland: printed in 9.5.12 and in the web version

    Also in print: exhibition review in Helsingin Sanomat 10.5.12, the main newspaper in Finland, was the consept presented!


  • 16 May 2012, 10:15 am

    Brian Kelly

    Very much liked your ideas and Hut design in the exhibition.Have you approached or been in contact with any of the Finnish pre fab house manufacturers? Would have thought there could be a market for the Huts among young Scandinavian professionals.
    Good luck with your career.
    Brian Kelly (Architect Retired)

  • 22 May 2012, 5:10 am

    Jussi Laine

    Thank you Brian, for your nice words on my thesis project!

    The final design of the hut is tryng to take the best from contemporary minimalism, and great heritage of scandinavian wooden architecture.

    I have not yet been in contact with any manufacturers, but I certainly will. Let´s hope the best for Lähimökki.

    Thank you for the encouragement!

    - Jussi