Öst Häggblom

Finland, 1985

Rhythm, products for a new pace

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New spaces

Aalto School of Art, Design and Architecture
Department of Design
Applied Art and Design

It is in the contrasts that something really interesting can be born. Fast meeting slow, old meeting new, handmade meeting industrially made. As the world is spinning faster, we tend to forget to encounter our everyday. In my graduation project I want to comment on today’s pace and offer moments of reflection. I also question the mass-produced and consumption-oriented society of today. Materials and techniques of my design are inspired by West-Finnish history and traditions. I hope the design can revive something that has been forgotten along the way.

I have designed a dining table and a candleholder/vase that give time and place for reflection and relaxation. The three holes in the tabletop indicate fifteen minutes and remind you to take a seat around the table for a while.

johanna (at) johostudio (dot) com

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