Finland, 1978

With a brilliant past. On the verge of good e-book design.

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New spaces

Aalto School of Art, Design and Architecture
Department of Media
Graphic Design

The discussion about e-books is a part of the broad topic about the digital presence of the book and how we define the book. In my thesis, I look at the issue through e-book design and give it a form in the design of Seita Vuorela's new novel Karikko. My aim is to find principles for good e-book design and think about the role of book design in the digital publishing world. Because there are no accepted rules to e-book design yet, it is essential to think about what they should be based on. E-book is not just a book gone digital, it is also a new medium for the book.

In collaboration with author Seita Vuorela, WSOY and animator Simo Ruotsalainen

janiikonen (at) luukku (dot) com

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