Finland, 1985

Borehole to Burkina Faso

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Daily life

Aalto School of Economics

”We can change the world by inspiring others to join”

The object of our project was to solve the water shortage of a catholic elementary school in the poor country of Burkina Faso in Western Africa. In the exhibition we present photos of our project along a time line. We planned the project from scratch and established partnerships to conduct a geological study of the ground and to build a borehole. In addition, we coordinated the actualization of the project at the spot.

The main partners of the project were Lyra Capital Ltd and HSE Foundation who funded the project, Aalto University Corporate Relations and advisor Raoul Adjalla from Plan Burkina Faso, who spent his free time to help us and coordinate the project on the spot. We dedicate our work to him.

inka-mari (dot) wellman (at) aalto (dot) fi

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