Finland, 1982

Footwear for the Modern Hippies Post-ironic Scenarios Until All I Felt Was My Heart Beating- footwear collection

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Daily life

Aalto School of Art, Design and Architecture
Department of Design
Textile Art and Design

My thesis aims to understand the change in the social atmosphere from the ambiguous irony to the clearness of post-irony. My intention is to create a vision of the future where post-ironic values control the Finnish society and especially the target group I created: the “Modern Hippies” and their lifestyle. On the basis of my observations, I’m doing the productive part of my thesis, a sculptural footwear collection “Until All I Felt Was My Heart Beating”, which visualizes the ideology of my thesis. The collection consists of hand-made, unique shoes for the “Moderrn Hippies” in the spirit of post-irony.

Leather, paper and wooden footwear is made together with shoe designer Marika Jylhä for our KUULA+JYLHÄ-collaboration.

essi (dot) kuula (at) gmail (dot) com

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