Thu 31 May 2012

18:00 - 20:20

Movie NIght

Movies by graduates from Aalto University. Free of charge and open for the public to enjoy at Kino Engel (Sofiankatu 4).

Movies by graduates from Aalto University are showed every Thursday at 6 P.M. during MoA’12 at Kino Engel. The screenings are free of charge and open for the public to enjoy.

Mistaken (20 min)
Toni Teivaala, Sound design
School of Arts, Design and Architecture

Nick Mayers, a music icon, has come to the conclusion that the whole world revolves around him, making him the only real person within it. When he decides to walk out on the night of a big concert, his world quickly turns against him, making him realise how alone he really is.
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Differing Everydays (23 min)
Karolus Viitala, Strategic marketing
School of Economics

This research set to understand what the coordination of our daily life is like. As daily life and its planning has remained virtually uninvestigated I wanted to explore the role of routines in our mundane daily life, the function of planning and how we execute it. The research was conducted through video graphic methods, especially by natural observations.
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So It Goes (29 min)
Antti Heikki Pesonen, Directing
School of Arts, Design and Architecture

So It Goes tells the story about Elli, a girl working in a ware house who has never travelled outside the borders of Finland. She will get either a cruise or love. But she can’t have them both.

The film was awarded with multiply awards at the Tampere International Film Festival in 2012.
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Pyramid (30 min)
Mikko Myllylahti, Screenwriting
School of Arts, Design and Architecture

A young man looses his job and is forces to live on the streets of Helsinki. After meeting a strange girl, living on her own, he intrudes to live in her shabby flat to get over the worst.

The film received the Student Price at Tampere International Film Festival 2012.
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All the Houses – We Live In, directed by Sanni Priha (28 min)
Jaakko Ruuska, Directing
School of Arts, Design and Architecture

My Master’s thesis All the Houses – We Live In is a further investigation of the corporal properties of filmmaking and of my role as a cinematographer; especially to examine its effect on the viewer.
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Kino Engel, Sofiankatu 4
Thursdays May 10th, 17th, 24th, and 31st
Showtime: 6 P.M.
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