Wed 16 May 2012

19:00 - 22:00


Recent graduates, students, and researchers from Aalto University go on stage to present their research to the audience – with perhaps a little unconventional methods.

MoA Slam is a collaboration between ScienceSLAM Helsinki and Aalto University to promote fun and creativity in science. The event is organized as a playful open-stage competition where recent graduates, students and researchers from Aalto University get the chance to present their scientific work to the audience – with perhaps a little unconventional methods.

The rules are simple. Each performer has a maximum of ten minutes to present his/her research to the audience and win their support. Performers can represent any areas of science and research, from art education to applied physics, from microeconomics to sustainable design. The medium of the presentation is free and can range from a more traditional talk to a dance choreography or a self-composed song. Creativity is strongly encouraged and everything is allowed to fascinate, inspire, move or entertain the audience – and win their votes. Because it is in the hands of the audience to pick their favorite and select the winner of MoA Slam.

Before the event, all performers are invited to a one-day training session to work on their stage skills and polish their performances. An expert panel of three prestigious representatives from the areas of art and design, science and technology, and business acts as judges during the event and grants the MoA Slam 2012 award to the successful competitor.

Applications for presentations are invited from students and staff of all schools and departments of Aalto University, as well as recent graduates. The event is open for the general public and aimed at all science-curious and culturally interested people.

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