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22 Oct 2012

Hanna Konola "Year of Confetti"

“Today, design represents our future. ” So says that the tagline for the The NEXT Design exhibition. A multidisciplinary selection of works that represents the ideals and values of the new generation of masters from Aalto University.

The exhibition showcases a range of ideas and concepts, from a thermal carpet that changes colour by touch, to the complexity of three dimensional thinking to achieve an ornamental 2D puzzle. From the concept of a chair that can be reduced by half while maintaining an ergonomic sitting position, to knitted fabric that can display its interactions on a screen.

33 masters from MoA’12 -exhibition will be on show 31.10-25.11.2012 at Tongji University.

Exhibition opening 31 Oct 12-14 pm. at Tongji University, No.1 Innovation Field, School of Design and Innovation, 281 Fuxin Rd.

Designers who will be on exhibit include:

Terhi Asumaniemi

Woojin Chung

Linda Förstner

Ramyah Gowrishankar

Valeria Gryada

Katariina Guthwert

Mervi Hilvo

Hanna Konola

Erica Kovanen

Jussi Laine

Riikka Laurén

Jooyeon Lee

Seungho Lee

Maija Liiri

Taneli Luotoniemi

Tommi Moilanen

Harri Niskanen

Timo Niskanen

Khanittha Nualtaranee

Charlotte Nyholm

Hanna Rautio

Maria Riekkinen

Nikolai Ruola

Jaakko Ruuska

Heini Ruuskanen

Ville Silvennoinen

Laura Suuronen

Linda Söderholm

Mayu Takasugi

Riikka Townsend

Jussi Ukkonen

Laura Ukkonen

Xin Xu

For more information, please contact: tarja.peltoniemi(at)


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