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01 Jun 2012


The partners of Masters of Aalto exhibition, which has expanded to include the entire Aalto University, awarded their favorite theses. MoA’12 is open until this Sunday.


The partners chose their favorites from the hundred works shown at MoA’12. Among the awarded was a thesis visualizing meat production. There were also a research on daily life and routines, a thesis about service design which makes better customer relationships and a service design project which combines libraries and tourism. Also an ergonomic chair, photos of ethnic restaurants, a three-dimensional knot ornamentation project and a thesis focusing on window space were awarded.


The priced theses represent the know-how of Aalto University



MoA'12 -partner Unigrafia awarded Seungho Lee.

MoA’12-partner Unigrafia awarded Seungho Lee’s work Beef Finland. Lee is graduating from Industrial and Strategic Design. In his work Lee visualized the problems of meat production through a blog, a newspaper and a short film. – Beef Finland is a perfect example of how to visualize science, a thesis which makes people think, said Jaripekka Turtiainen, Managing Director of Unigrafia.

BMW chose to award Karolus Viitala.


BMW chose to award Karolus Viitala, graduating from Strategic Marketing. In the Differing everydays: Practices of planning and coordinating daily life Viitala researched in videographic method the everyday life of three young adults living in downtown Helsinki.


Viking Line awarded SeYoung Kim’s work The Central Library as the Stepping Stone of Helsinki. Developing new service design for an authentic tourist experience. Kim, graduating from Industrial and Strategic Design, has developed a new service design concept which combines tourism and libraries.

Viking Line awarded Seyoung Kim and Tommi Moilanen.

Viking Line also awarded Tommi Moilanen, an Industrial and Strategic Design graduate. His thesis Benefits of Service Design. Design for lasting customer relationships, deals with the service design factors. The thesis presents in a clear way how a physical product and service can create a solid customer experience, said Cruise Manager Johanna Molin.


Heli sorjonen was awarded by SATO.

SATO, one of Finland’s leading corporate investors in housing, awarded Heli Sorjonen, graduating from photography. In her thesis Pizzeria Finlandia Sorjonen photographed ethnic restaurants in Finland.

Pizzeria Finlandia reminds us about the changes in our everyday life and the ethnical take-away food that has partly replaced home cooking. It is something that surprisingly connects the home evenings of Finnish families to an immigrant restaurant owner, said Customer Relationships and Communications Director Monica Aro.


Iittala awarded Woojin Chung, graduating from Furniture Design.

Iittala awarded Woojin Chung, graduating from Furniture Design. In his work Half for more than Full Chung designed a chair in which you automatically sit ergonomically. − The thinking behind Chung’s work can certainly be applied to other areas of design, in usage of material and forms. The work also beautifully captures the core of Kaj Franck’s ideology. He removed everything excessive from his designs, leaving only the essentials, said Consept Design Manager Irina Viippola.


Metex Foundation awarded Taneli Luotoniemi, who is graduating from Art Education. Luotoniemi did a three-dimensional knot ornamentation project. − This awarded thesis has with the help of mathematical methods created an interesting and creative approach to the presentation in two and three dimensions. Mathematical perceptions are important also within metal industry when more complicated products are being produced automatically, Metex Board member Jussi Neuvo said.


The dean's award of Aalto university school of art, design and architecture went to Mayu Takasugi.

The Dean’s Award of Aalto University School of Art, Design and Architecture went to Mayu Takasugi, graduating from Spatial Design. In her work Window room Takasugi researched the space around windows. − Mayu Takasugi’s simple and insightful way to handle space is an extraordinary example of things and design that expresses the theme of our university’s World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 programme Living+, said Dean Helena Hyvönen.


All images by Anni Hanén



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